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Friday, October 30, 2009

Universal Hero!!

Kamal Hassan aka Ulaga Nayagan(or the "Universal Hero") is one of the most popuar actors in Indian Cinema. I too like him a lot and have been watching most of his movies since my younger days.

Even as a child actor, he has won the hearts of many in 1959 itself in the first film Kalathoor Kannamma. He won the 1st National award as a child artiste in this very first film. Even today, we are able to see and appreciate him in that movie for his innocent looks and the clarity in his dialogue delivery and his expressive acting even at the tender age of 5 or 6.

In his teens, he learnt various techniques and forms in Cinema including dancing, singing, playing musical instruments(like the mirudangam in "apoorva ragangal"). His passion for the art of cinema was (and is) so great that he never got disheartened by his failures.

We have seen his growth and today we see his meteoric rise in Indian Cinema as a great actor, prolific writer, director, singer, dancer, producer and a man who dares to experiment new things in his movies as he has a lot of confidence in his fans' and audience's connoisseurship.

Kamal Hassan is not only great in the field of cinema but he is also a person with great social consciousness who openly accuses the evils of society and also loudly appreciates the good things in life.

He may be an agnostic or a non believer of religion and God but he is a role model to his fans who follow his footsteps in social services such as blood donation, eye donation etc. He himself has pledged to get his body donated to the field of medicine upon death. It is great that he utilizes his fame and popularity to spread this kind of awareness among people.

He was (and is being) recently felicitated by the media for his continuous service in the field of cinema for FIFTY years. That is indeed a great feat....being ACTIVE in a field for 50 years.....

Let us wish him all the very best in all his endeavors to entertain his admirers and his efforts to serve our society......

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