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Friday, September 25, 2009

Brave little Mirudhula of Coimbatore....

25th September, 2009

10 year old Mirudhula Karthik in Coimbatore suffered from a disorder called "Situs Inversus". All her internal organs including her heart were on the right side of her body from birth.

She was a normal, bright student until she complained of stomach pain las week. She breathed her last on Wednesday night(23rd Sept 2009).

The girl who knew she was going to die desired to have her eyes donated and also wanted her body to be donated to the Coimbatore Medical College Hospital to help the medical students and experts analyse in detail the cause and remedy for her disorder so as to find a means to prevent such deaths in future.

The parents of this brave little girl, Mr and Mrs Karthik of Coimbatore fulfilled their only daughter's last wish after performing the rituals at home.

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