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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Joy of Giving...

This is an interesting story which I want to share with you all. Once a man died and when the angels took him above, he said that he wanted to know what is hell and what is heaven.

The angels first took him to Hell. Here the hands of the people were tied to long spoons and they were made to sit before their food. The dishes looked delicious and the people were eager to eat as they were very hungry. But they were unable to because the spoons were so long that they went above their heads and the men were unable to place the spoons with food inside their mouths. So they all cried loudly as they were unable to bear their hunger.

Next the angel took the man to Heaven. Here too he saw the same thing, that is, the hands being tied to long spoons. But here the people were very cheerful and happy. When he questioned the angel about this, she said, now wait and watch when their food is placed before them.

Now comes the most important part of the story. The men took the food in their spoons but instead of taking it to their mouths, each one fed the person in front of him. This way they managed to eat and enjoy their food and satisfy their appetite.

So, friends, enjoy the deed of giving others. Experience the joy of giving. No other happiness is equivalent to the joy attained through giving or sharing.

In Chennai, the Joy of Giving Week is being celebrated from 27th September to 3rd October, 2009.


Mike said...

What I mean text align 'justify' is during you are at your edit post compose box;

1. highlight all the written or typed texts

2. click 'justify' icon button, located at above the compose box.

Now you are using text align 'left' to all of your post contents. It is very obvious that your posted texts are not well aligned on the right portion.

Surf your JBN blog, it's all 'justify' text aligned. where you can see all of the texts are well aligned vertically between left and right parts in the post box.

It looks like very professionally done.

Jayashree S Kumar said...

Yes Mike I found out the justify button. I will remember to use it in future. Thank you.

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