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Friday, October 30, 2009

Banana, a wonder....

Don't say na na na to Banana!!

Banana plant is a wonderful plant as all its parts are useful to man in different ways. It is easy to grow a banana plant. Just plant one or two and it gives birth to many more as days go. Every part is useful.

1. The leaf is big and wide. It is used by the Hindus generally in India to serve food on auspicious occasions or even at other times. During festivals and ceremonies, banana leaves are used to serve the prasad(offering to God).

Eating on a banana leaf is healthy and hygienic too. The food taken on this leaf is tastier especially when you eat curd rice on a banana leaf, it is really very delicious than when you eat it on a plate.

Hotels too use these leaves to serve food. Sometimes they also cut it round to fit it on to a plate. This way hygiene is maintained as you don't eat on plates used by others.

2. The flowers of the banana leaf is very good for health. many recipes can be made from these flowers. Curries, Usili, Vadai, Kootu can be made from these flowers.

3.When the flowers turn into a fruit, it is called "Vazhaikai" when unriped. This vegetable can also be used to make delicious recipes. Curries, Usilis, Kootu, bajjis, koftas are all some recipes which can be made with vazhaikai.

4. The vegetables ripen to become the banana fruit or plantain. You all must be knowing about the fruit and its nutrients.

5. The Stem is used to make threads by flower vendors to tie flowers like jasmine with it.

6. The inner stem and the root are used in cooking. It is known as vazhai Thandu and is used in cooking. Vazhai thandu is very good for kidney problems. It has the capacity to even destroy kidney stones and is good diet for diabetics.

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