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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

My Review of Engayum Eppodhum...

Two buses dash against each other. A few survivors and people around the accident site help to shift the injured and the dead to a hospital. Is it possible to create a story and make a movie out of this incident? Yes, says the Director (M Saravanan) of the Tamil movie, Engeyum Eppodhum.

The movie revolves round the lives of two young couples Amudha -- Gautham and Manimekalai – Kathiresan, who happen to travel in the two ill-fated buses. Their story is told through flashbacks.

Amudha, an innocent, rustic girl and a B E Graduate comes to Chennai from Trichy for an interview. As she is new to the city, she seeks the help of a stranger, Gautham, a suave, educated software guy who takes her to the place of interview. Their entire journey from the bus stand (Koyambedu) to the office is lively and humorous due to Amudha’s innocent remarks and overcautious nature. She is too careful in not revealing much about herself to Gautham as he is a stranger, though she is dependent on him. Only towards the end of the day, when he escorts her to her cousin’s house does she realize how well behaved and honest he is. She returns to her hometown Trichy but is unable to forget Gautham.

The other pair – Kathir and Manimekalai – are neighbors in Trichy. He is a mechanic, she is a nurse, and they fall in love. Kathir is a softhearted timid fellow while Mekalai is a practical and bold girl who teaches him how to be modern in his appearance and manners. They decide to go to Kathir’s village to meet his parents. They take a bus from Trichy to Chennai.

In the mean time, Amudha who comes again to Chennai in search of Gautham, is disappointed and boards a bus to Trichy. Gautham also smitten by his ladylove Amudha, whom he had met only once goes to Trichy and is unable to meet her. So he gets into the same bus from Trichy in which Kathir and Mekalai travel.

The two buses collide with each other near Villupuram. Does Gautham see Amudha? Are the two couples united? That forms the climax of the movie…

Though there is no big plot or story, the Director has managed to keep the viewers’ interest alive through his narration of the experiences of the characters. The sense of humor and comedy in the dialogues, situations and characters portrayed sustain our interest till the end.

Ananya plays the role of an innocent girl with ease and looks very cute. Sarva underplays his part as the software guy very well. Jai as Kathir is quite natural in his acting, while Anjali as his lover perfectly suits the role of an intelligent and pragmatic girl.

Music is by Sathya, a newcomer and two songs are good. Na. Muthukumar and Saravanan have penned the lyrics. A R Murugadoss who directed films like Gajini has become a producer through this film while his assistant and disciple M Saravanan makes his debut as a director.

Despite the fact that there is no strong story or message in the movie, the viewer does not get bored while watching the same. An accident shatters and changes the lives of the victims – This story line has been developed and shown in an interesting manner by the director…. A good effort by a debutant….


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