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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The anxious moments of a mother...

When I was a school girl, I used to be very shy while outside but was quite talkative with my friends in class. I never used to like my mom or dad coming to school due to this shyness.

A year or two back, this incident happened to me...My son was in his final year doing his B.E. and every day I used to give him breakfast, pack his lunch box and keep it on the table in our hall. Before leaving he used to pick up the lunch box and I used to see him off. One day, after seeing him off, I went inside the house and was surprised to find the lunch box in the kitchen. That day had forgotten to keep it in the hall and my son also forgot about it.

Typical of a mother's heart, it went beating fast and I was feeling very anxious that some how I needed to send the lunch to him. There are no buses from our house to his college. He used to go by bike. It was only 9.30AM and I quickly changed my dress, locked the house, and just somehow managed to get a bus half way. From there I took a share auto and reached the college by 10.30 or so.

The security let me in and he directed me to walk all the way to the end of the college campus. But when I enquired someone, he said that the final year class was in the front itself and on the second floor. So I had to walk all the way back and I was feeling really very tired. I somehow managed to climb the stairs slowly and reached the doors of the class.

A lady was taking class and on seeing me, she came out and asked what I wanted. I told her that I had come to give the lunch box which my son had forgotten to take. She called out my son and continued with her lecture. My son came out and took the box from me and spoke in a low tone, "Is it so very important?"

I felt very happy on accomplishing my duty and returned home tired but satisfied. Only then I felt the pangs of hunger and fatigue.

When my son returned home in the evening, I asked him if any of his friends commented and he was a bit annoyed that I had come. He said he could have managed to eat in the canteen and that I needn't have come.

I too realized that I had been over anxious as a mother and that my son would have felt embarrassed as a final year student in front of his classmates. This incident always reminds me of my inhibitions as a daughter to my parents' visiting me in school. Now I understand the love and affection which made them come to school occasionally...


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