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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Freedom to Kids by parents...

Is freedom to kids necessary?

The style of parenting has changed a lot in the past five to six decades. The way our grandfathers were brought up was different from the one they brought up our fathers. Similarly the way we were brought up (am a 50-plus mother) was different from the one we have been bringing up our kids. Change is the only permanent thing which never changes. But one should ponder over the causes and effects of such changes.

We have been watching the distribution of "freedom" to one and all (children and women in particular) since our Nation got her Independence. Today, kids even at the age of four and five have freedom of speech, the right to deny what she or he does not want, the encouragement to argue with elders and so on and so forth. So just imagine the freedom enjoyed by the teenagers of this modern age.

My introductory paragraphs are just to make parents think twice before giving freedom to their children. To cite an example, let me quote what I heard in the News today. A group of teenagers numbering hundred were found consuming liquor and smoking hookah in a city center pub called Buzz-in Buddies in Gurgaon. They were all school going kids ranging from 14 years to 20. These kids fixed an appointment through social networking sites to get together and party in a pub by contributing Rs600 each. A police raid caught them unaware and the police informed their parents who came and scolded and beat them up before taking them home.


Now who is to be blamed for the children;s behavior? What were the parents doing while their kids were engaged in social net working sites? How did the kids get money to drink and revel at such an age? Is it necessary to give pocket money to youngsters?

I would certainly blame the parents who did not spend their quality time with their kids and who deprived them of their company. It is very essential to keep an eye on the children at this adolescent age when they are prone to be misled by their so called friends and bad company. You need not be a strict taskmaster but you can be a loving friend to them and make them feel free to talk about anything with you without any inhibitions. For this you need to spend quality time with them often and talk a lot with them. Your kid should not be afraid of you but should be courageous to admit his mistake to you. He should be able to share his feelings, his actions, his deeds with/to you. As a parent you also need to be watchful about the interests of your kid and be able to judge whether he is going on the right track or not.

To sum it up, kids should be able to share their feelings with their parents out of their love and NOT because they are afraid of them. Freedom to children is needed but be watchful that they do not misuse it...
 Courtesy: My prize winning thread in Digital Bhoomi: http://www.digitalbhoomi.in/forums/showthread.php?t=33317

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