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Friday, March 4, 2011

Religion and faith...

Though born a Hindu, I was brought up in an atmosphere where Christianity was predominant.Right from my LKG till my graduation, I had been studying in (schools and college) Christian institutions. Hence I was used to saying Our Father, who art in Heaven (which later became Our Father in Heaven) and to singing hymns and carols in praise of the Lord. At home it was our Hindu Gods and Goddesses.

Till my 5th Std, I used to love my Xmas Holidays. As soon as our Half Yearly Exams were over in December, our school used to celebrate Xmas(in advance) on the last working day by giving us kids a Tea party with cakes and biscuits. One of the boys will dress up like Santa Claus and give us gifts and chocolates. It was an enjoyable time and I still cherish those lovely days in my memory.

Hindus, Christians, Muslims, Jews, brahmins, non brahmins, Mudaliars, Chettiars....what are all these?Man has created all these to suit his needs, whims and fancies.

We should realize that we are human beings, intelligent and efficient to have evolved in a beautiful manner gradually, to attain the position where we are today.

The barbaric race of the stone ages has become history. But when we look at the power hungry fanatical terrorists who kill innocent lives without any conscience, I am afraid that "history" may repeat itself....and we will have to go back to the ancient age.

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