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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Thank you VRS...!!!

"Those were the days, my friend"... when I  felt the rush hour getting on my nerves. At times when I had to wear a red blouse for a green sari, I used to say with pride that "this is the in thing, a fashion of today you know...Contrast blouse..."

I needed to walk up and down our hall to gobble my breakfast without even taking a break to know what was being swallowed.

I used to feel thankful that I did not undo the plait of yesterday because I had knotted it high up while going for a bath. Thank God, I only need to undo the knot and comb the hair in front a little bit...that's all...there it is, my neat plait.

Close the back door, check if the motor is switched off. check the gas knobs, close the windows, dump my Tiffin box inside my handbag, slip on my feet into the slippers(I need to buy another...Don't know when I will have to carry them in my hands), lock the front door and then the grill door, now the gate, rush across to our opposite house, hand over the keys to them, and then start walking....no, no running towards the railway station. It is about a 10 minutes walk from our house...But I reach within 5 minutes and I run across the tracks because I see my train entering the platform. At last I am successful...whew! Sigh!!! I am happy to see my train friends and eagerly look for my colleagues who get up in the next station and the ones who are already in the train.

After 10 years of VRS, even to recollect these moments of Rush hour, I need to hold my breath. I wonder if I was the one who did all these....!!

I am sure I cannot do it again and that too everyday...Thank you VRS...


Khozem F Sahiwala said...

It is true , when you get free from your work, than only you will get the time to look upon yourself and to others.

Now, you got VRS so use your time for welfare of others and not back bitting as it is popular behaviour among ladies.

Thanks & Regards
Khozem Sahiwala

Jayashree S Kumar said...

Thank you Sahiwala for your reading and your comments. Yes, I do agree with you that gossipping and back biting are quite popular among ladies...(even among working women...Not that you need to take VRS and do that:) ) But I am glad that I do not belong to that category. I am happy with taking care of my home and family full time. I am happy that I have enough time for myself now to do things which I like or want. The best among my activities is of course Digital Bhoomi.(I think you too are a member there).

Thank you again for going thru my Blog.

Khozem F Sahiwala said...

Well, Do something that is quite differnt from others. As u said I will do what I like. This I, Mine, Myself is a big Maya (Evil spirit). Do good for others.

Your aim of your life should be welfare of others.

I had changed my attitude when I did Raj Yog Meditation course from BRAHMA KUMARIS. It will certainly changed your life. Means, I hope that God always takes care of you & my wishes are always there.

deepti menon said...

This is so well written and encapsulates the hurly-burly of the daily grind... despite all the hassles, you seem to have loved your routine and your job.
I am sure that you are enjoying your retirement as well. when you have the gift of being able to write, which you have in abundance, there is no time to brood... life is beautiful! Kudos to you, Jayashree...

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