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Sunday, September 6, 2009

Reasons for divorce in India....

When compared with other countries, India may seem to have a lower divorce rate. But when we compare it to the rate in the past in India itself, there is an increase in the rate of divorce. The proof is in the growing number of such cases being filed in the courts..
What are the reasons for Divorce in India? There are many.....Let me give some...

1. Education is given to girls on par with boys. At times they are more educated than the boys and this leads to inferiority complex in men or superiority in women.

2. Today women in India are becoming more and more economically independent than those in the past.

3. Today the couples feel great stress as both of them go to work. This leads to more tension at home between them as well as with other family members. They do not sit and talk among themselves as they "find" less time.
This leads to decrease in understanding and concern for each other and there is a clash of ego too.

4.Remarriages by women are no longer a taboo in India.

5. At times marriages break up because the girl and boy are forced to get married by their parents for numerous or various reasons (like fulfilling the wish of the father or mother who is very sick, to please the relatives who want to wed their children within the family circle, to repay monetary debts or obligation/gratitude etc).

6. Incompatibility and refusal to be adjustable with one another or with the groom's family.

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