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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Man's best friend....

Trees are man's best friends and a boon to mankind. They help us in many ways. They take in Carbon dioxide and help in maintaining a high oxygen level thereby creating a healthy and fresh environment.

The greenery of plants and trees and the multi colored flowers are a visual treat to us.

The fragrance of various flowers like jasmine and rose is irresistible and gives us immense joy. Sweet smelling mint leaves, coriander, curry leaves add to the aroma and flavor in our dishes.

Touching a beautiful rose or a velvety lawn enhances our love of nature.

The gentle breeze which blows across our face and body soothes our spirit and is music to our ears.

Please ponder over all these benefits given by our friends - trees, plants and grass - before destroying them.

Plant a tree whenever you can and wherever you can.

Support green movement to spread awareness of global warming.

Save the world by enjoying Nature and preserving it for posterity.....


Mike said...

Good article about green world, thanks for providing.

Jayashree S Kumar said...

Thank you Mike for your comments.

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