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Monday, August 3, 2009

Beginning on Friendship Day......

Today, the 2nd of august, 2009, is Friendship Day…..I wish all my friends who are in contact with me, all those who may have forgotten me, and all those who remember me but are not in touch with me, Great happiness, peace and prosperity always.

My special wishes to my bosom pal Padma and to her family…She has been my closest pal since 1969….Four decades of sharing joy and happiness, sorrow and excitement, with her….

I also wish my very dear friends Prabha and Vinod on this special occasion. They have been my very special friends in the latter half of my Banking career. Best moments of wit and humor were shared by us and I am glad to be in touch with them even today.

Last but not the least comes the list of my friends in the Forum called Digital Bhoomi….I wish great happiness to each one of them. My special wishes to Ram, Mythili(meetu), Michael dadona(Mike) , Arthi(Dreamy gal), Karan, manisha, viveka, Flower07 and Kumaran. I love this forum very much as I am able to share friendship, knowledge and experience with many of its members.

I dedicate this Blog to the memories of my beloved parents and my dear and only brother , who had given me immense happiness, joy and affection in their lifetime.

May everlasting Happiness and Peace be with friendly people all over the world…….

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